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ドミン  ガルシア  フェルナンデス



​出身   : Plasencia (Spain)

利き足 : 右

Position  :  MF


                        Translation in English below ↓




2. メルサカを選んだ経緯を教えてください



3, 現地のチームに契約した経緯を教えてください

岡田さんのサポートのおかげで無事Yarraville Glory FC (State1) と契約を結ぶ事が出来ました。契約当初はオーストラリアのサッカーのスタイルがスペインのサッカースタイルと違うこともあって、順応するのに苦労しました。ですが、次第に環境にも順応する事ができ、徐々にトップチームでの出場機会が増えていきました。そして、シーズン途中にMoreland United (State2)からオファーを頂き移籍しましたが、両チームともサッカー環境の充実さはもちろんですが、素晴らしいチームメイトにも恵まれ、とても充実したシーズンを送る事が出来ました。また、サッカーの給料で生活が楽になったので、より勉強やサッカーに打ち込むことができました。本当に感謝しています。






5, 今後の目標について教えてください




1. why you come to Melbourne and play soccer

The main reason to came to Melbourne was because I needed to improve my English skills. But I was playing soccer in Spain so I didn't want to stop doing this during the 8 months of my visa. And 8 months later I can say that I've been playing all the weekends!



2. why did you choose using MELSAKA. 

When I arrived to Melbourne, my first thought was that I couldn't live here just studying English. I needed to play soccer. That was my motivation to find an agency that could help me with this.


My friend recommended me MELSAKA  and I will never regret of choosing them: the first week I arrived here I was training for a great team!


3, tell me the story how did you get the contract with Yarraville 

Joining a team is always difficult at first. Specially for me, because Australian soccer is very different to Spanish style. But I could play first for Reserve team, where I could meet a lot of amazing friends, and later for Senior team. Even I moved to another team (Moreland United) because my friend was playing there, a team where I've been really happy.


4,How was MELSAKA' s support?

Always positive. Before taking any decision, I asked them for recommendation and they helped me in everything. Trying to get a soccer team in Melbourne could be difficult because you don't know anyone at first, you can feel alone, but when you get it you can't feel better.


5, what's your next target?

This season I'm coming back to Spain to play soccer because my Student Visa in Australia expires. But indeed I will play in Australia again. Great country that gives an awesome support to this sport.

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