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プラティック ブハティア


Place of birth   India, Mumbai

Height            6 feet

Weight             75 kg

Position            CAM

Foot                 Right


                                                           Translation in English below↓





現地の大学院に通いながらサッカーをしたかったのですが、チームの見つけ方が分からず苦労していた中、共通の知人の紹介で同じ大学院に通っている岡田代表に出会いました。岡田代表がサッカーエージェントを立ち上げたお話を聞き、メルサカを通して現地のクラブチームを紹介して頂きました。実は、昨シーズンも岡田代表に個人的にサポートをしてもらい、いくつかチームへのトライアウトをコーディネートして頂き、最終的にState clubのReversdale FCというチームと契約することができました。その際のサポートが、とても信頼でき、充実の1年間を過ごすことができたので、来シーズンもお願いすることにしました。








What is your purpose of moving to Melbourne?

My purpose of moving to Melbourne is to obtain the master degree of sports management since education standard in Melbourne is relatively high and also Melbourne is known as student city. I also planned to play soccer along studying my master degree.


How did you get to know MELSAKA and what was your purpose of using it?

I got to know MELSAKA through friends. There was a neutral friend between Kazuki and I who is the president of this company. Since I was planning to play soccer in Melbourne, he has recommended me the club to play. I used MELSAKA to help me connect with likeminded motivated individuals and play for a respected club in the city of Melbourne


What was your thoughts about MELSAKA’s services?

I personally though that MELSAKA has provided me a good service especially in the decision-making process of which team to play. This is because they have understood my overall goals clearly and based on that, they have provided me the most sufficient option which made me satisfied.


What is your future goal?

My future goal is to play in NPL (2nd and 3rd division) as the stage is huge and I have the skill, discipline and love for the game required to get there.

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